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Emission Reductions

Engine Performance Optimisation

Maintenance Cost Economy

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning

Preventive Maintenance

Remove Carbon Deposit inside the engine

Cylinders, Pistopn, DPF, EGR valve, Turbo and Etc
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Chemical Engine Carbon Cleaning

On Vehicle Curative Solutions

Highly Effective Cleaning

Intake Manifold, DPF and Fuel injection system
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Off Vehicle Diesel Particle Fileter

Deep Cleaning

Total DPF Cleaning

For passenger vehicles
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On Vehicle ATF Gearbox Cleaning

Preventive and Curative Solutions

Complete ATF Gearbox Flush and Filling with additive

For all different ATF Gearbox
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Environment Friendly

Safe Workshop Operations

Strong cleaning power and long-lasting effectiveness

For all parts
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Workshop Cleaning

Stores, Distributes and Recycles its absorbent by separating the waste

Efficiently and Cost-effectively respond to spill problems on the shop floor

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Featured Products

Adblue by Carbon Tech

Introducing Adblue by Carbon Tech, your eco-conscious solution for reducing harmful emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment. Adblue is a revolutionary additive that works seamlessly with modern diesel engines to significantly lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, without compromising performance.

Carbon cleaning = You save money everyday!

And the cherry on top is that your fuel consumption will reduce by up to 15%/ With less trips to petrol station, carbon cleaning your vehicle will save you more money in the long run.

What is carbon-build up?

It is the combustion, at the heart of your engine that is responsible for the carbon deposit in the cylinders, pistons, Particulate Filter, EGR valve and turbo

What is carbon Cleaning?

Carbon cleaning is a process of removing soot, or carbon, from your engine. These deposits, made of unburnt hydrocarbons end up clogging your engine as well as other parts such as the EGR valve, Particulate Filter or even the turbocharger.

Why Carbon Clean your car?

There are advantages to carbon cleaning your car with our patented FlexFuel hydrogen injection machine. This will change the life of your vehicle, improve its performance, driving experience and save you money in the long run.

An illuminated engine light often signals carbon buildup issues. Extensive engine carbon cleaning with Carbon X3 and DPF cleaning technology can resolve many of these problems. By removing stubborn deposits, these advanced techniques ensure engines run smoothly, increasing the likelihood of passing RWC checks and enhancing overall vehicle performance and reliability.

Engine cleaning, especially through hydrogen carbon cleaning, helps regain a vehicle’s original performance by removing carbon deposits that hinder engine efficiency. This process restores power, improves fuel economy, and reduces emissions, ensuring the engine runs as smoothly as when it was new. Enhanced performance leads to a more enjoyable and eco-friendly driving experience.

Engine cleaning, particularly with hydrogen carbon cleaning, prevents expensive breakdowns by maintaining engine health. By removing carbon buildup, this process ensures optimal engine performance and reduces wear and tear. Regular cleaning helps avoid costly repairs, extends engine life, and keeps vehicles running smoothly, ultimately saving money and enhancing reliability.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning can reduce vehicle pollution by up to 50%. This advanced technology effectively removes carbon deposits from engines, enhancing combustion efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. By adopting such eco-friendly practices, we can significantly cut pollution levels, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning technology innovates sustainability by prolonging vehicle life and reducing emissions. This advanced process removes carbon deposits, enhancing engine efficiency and performance. By minimizing harmful emissions and promoting longer-lasting engines, hydrogen carbon cleaning contributes significantly to a sustainable and eco-friendly automotive industry.

FlexFuel carbon cleaning technology aligns with Tech for Nature by reducing vehicle emissions through hydrogen-based carbon removal. This innovation enhances engine efficiency and supports cleaner air, contributing to sustainable practices and combating climate change. By integrating advanced tech, FlexFuel promotes a greener, more eco-friendly automotive industry.

The Gen-Hy hydrogen generator is a breakthrough for future hydrogen cell vehicles, producing clean hydrogen fuel on-demand. This innovation supports a carbon-free future by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, lowering emissions, and promoting sustainable transportation. Gen-Hy technology is pivotal in advancing eco-friendly mobility and combating climate change.

FlexFuel Energy Development is dedicating 15% of its profits to R&D, driving future greening innovation. This commitment pushes the boundaries of sustainable technology, aiming for cleaner energy solutions and reduced emissions. By investing in cutting-edge research, FlexFuel is leading the charge towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

About CARBONTECH Asia-Pacific

Carbon emissions are harmful to the environment and have intensified the impact of carbon on engine performance. These emissions are causing issues including clogging issue, power loss and mechanical failure

CARBONTECH Asia-Pacific is a company dedicated to providing novel clean technology and services to optimising engine performances. CARBONTECH’s main mission is to maximise efficiency by purification and emissions control.Our mission is to provide clean technologies to maximise efficiency by purification and the environmental benefits in daily operating life cycle.

The ultimate goal is to bring our business into people’s lives by providing eco-friendly knowledge to users and community and raise the awareness of the benefits of low-carbon energy is to the daily environmental cycle.

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Engine carbon cleaning by FlexFuel hydrogen injection is produced by improving a natural phenomenon of enriching the air-fuel mixture in your combustion engine. Our solution is efficient and non-aggressive, as it does not introduce any chemical or corrosive products into your engine.

The carbon is simply dissolved inside the engine and naturally evacuated with the exhaust gases where it is collected by a special filter.


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As a business owner, sustainability is at the core of our company’s values. When we were searching for energy-efficient solutions for our fleet of vehicles, Carbon Tech was the obvious choice.

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I love outdoor adventures and exploring nature’s wonders. Carbon Tech’s commitment to eco-friendly technology resonates with my passion for environmental preservation.

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