FlexFuel Carbon Gear

ATF Fresh Station

Carbon Gear without backgroud

The Carbon Gear will become indispensable to your business thanks to its exclusive integrated services!

A unique solution on the market with complete technical support, available for each operation.
Capable of identifying the direction of flows, the technology of this station offers a complete automatic substitution of the ATF oil without contaminating the replacement oil. A considerable saving of time and money.

Carbon Gear is THE solution to avoid missing out on this growing market and meet your customers’ demands

Simplified operation

Real-time visualization of your operations

Deep cleaning

Allows the automatic transmission to be cleaned without disassembly

Automatic Flow Identification

Complete contamination replacement of used oil

Technical characteristics:

Dimension905 x 650 x 1110 mm (closed lid)
Multilingual softwareItalian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, and Suomi
Feeding12 Vdc – from the battery socket of the motor vehicle using a special power cable
Electronic board with microcontroller– System based on the weight of new and used oil with load cells, which allow exactly the same amount of oil
to be substituted– Controls the velocity of the pump with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
technique– Supervises the process with all the necessary protections
PumpGear oil pump, with 12Vdc DC motor
Identifying the direction of the flow– Automatic
– Serving tubes can be inserted into the most accessible point, without worrying about the direction of flow
Tanks– New and used ATF oil can capacity: 25 liters
– They are easily removable and available on the market
Serving TubesDischarge tubes and long return about 250 cm with fast Nitto-type attacks (Japan profile) at the ends
Electronic temperature sensorPlaced on the oil return circuit, it allows you to automatically switch from the recirculation and cleaning phase to the replacement phase, when it detects that the oil has reached a temperature of 40°