FlexFuel Carbon FAP

DPF Cleaning Station (Off Vehicle)


The Carbon DPF cleaning machine will become your ally for cleaning all types of particulate filters, petrol or diesel!

Its automated cycle effectively removes all residues, unburned and particles that clog the DPF.
Resulting from the know-how of FlexFuel Energy Development, the Carbon DPF cleaning machine represents the perfect compromise between additives to be used alone and bulky and expensive appliances not well suited to multi-purpose garages.


Ensures waterproofingm safety and protects against splashes

Standalone treatment

Predefined cycles adapted to the DPF fouling rates


Carbon DPF Liquid, a high-performance DPF-safe solvent-free product

New Particulate filter machine

Exclusive universal adapter for all types of DPF

With our exclusive CARBON DPF adapter system, you can forget about complex connections.

This is the guarantee of a faster operation to optimize your time

Technical characteristics:

Size 120cm x 91cm x 70cm
Weight 93 kg
Feeding 220 VAc
Reservoir 21L
Matter Steel + stainless steel tank
Pump 2m³/h at 2.5 bar
8m³/h at 0 bar
Heating 25 – 80°C
Feeding Single-phase 16A
Control Panel Controller and control dials
Consumable price per treatment $48 excl. GST