Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning

A cleaning ecological

FlexFuel hydrogen descaling is THE environmentally friendly solution to engine fouling problems.

Cleaning an engine with FlexFuel descaling stations is the assurance of enjoying a more environmentally friendly service. Operating only with demineralized water and a power supply, Hy-Calamine / Hy-Carbon® stations do not use any chemicals.

Derived from hydrogen generators for industrial engines, the Hy-Calamine/Hy-Carbon® descaling stations concentrate all the technology and experience acquired by FlexFuel since its creation in 2008.

FlexFuel hydrogen injection descaling is an environmentally friendly technology without the use of chemicals and is the obvious solution to engine fouling problems in France and Europe. FlexFuel Energy Development®, the European leader in green engine depollution, has developed a range of descaling stations that meet the ecological challenges of tomorrow: the reduction of polluting emissions and the reduction of consumption.

Regenerate rather than replacing

In addition to the preventive treatments recommended as part of the maintenance of your vehicle and allowing you to extend the life of your engine, FlexFuel hydrogen injection descaling also makes it possible to treat breakdowns and malfunctions related to the accumulation of soot in your engine and thus avoid the replacement of expensive parts such as the particulate filter, the turbocharger, the EGR valve and the injection system.

Vehicles that make short trips or frequently drive in the city systematically see their particulate filter clogged. 

Before going through the replacement step ($4000 on average), you can regenerate your diesel particulate filter.

This is where the FlexFuel Energy Development®, Hy-Calamine and Hy-Carbon Connect® hydrogen injection descaling stations come in! Thanks to their innovative process, using the solvent power of hydrogen after combustion, Hy-Calamine and Hy-Carbon Connect make it possible to de-foul the DPF. Your vehicle then regains its original performance!

Turbochargers are now fitted to the majority of vehicles on the road and are also subject to the risk of clogging, causing sharp power drops and micro-outages. 

To prevent these inconveniences, annual descaling is strongly recommended. However, in the event of a dirty turbocharger and to avoid a very expensive replacement ($5000 on average), there is a solution by carrying out a curative descaling operation.

Longer than a preventive descaling process, the exclusive Hy-Calamine and Hy-Carbon Connect® procedures allow the turbochargers to work over their entire range of use by modulating the engine speed during descaling and thus obtaining truly significant results!

Fouling of EGR valves is one of the main causes of the appearance of warning lights on the dashboard or breakdowns on diesel-powered vehicles. Due mainly to short trips and traffic in urban areas, the price of replacing an EGR valve is generally between 200 and 600 euros.

Loss of power, black smoke, a light on the dashboard. 

Cleaning the EGR valve with a complete descaling system allows this part to be restored to proper functioning and to delay the deposit of new soot.

Hy-carbon Connect

FlexFuel de-scaling by hydrogen injection allows not only the unclogging of you engine, but also parts such as Particulate Filter, turbocharger, EGR valve or even the injection system. *The choice of one or the other of these services depends on your vehicles clogging level.

Patented EGR PILOT

Designed and manufactured in France

4 million decarbon

Descaling stations risk-free and Easy to use

3 stages, water, electricity, between 45 minutes and 2 hours of treatment: the recipe for a depolluted engine!

Connection of the hydrogen injection hose directly into the air intake system of the vehicle to be treated.

Start-up of the vehicle’s engine and launch of the descaling procedure adapted to the vehicle.

Finalization of the treatment by driving on the road to evacuate the last residues of scale.

Is my car compatible?

All petrol or diesel vehicles are compatible with engine depollution treatment

Depollution of engines by FlexFuel Energy DevelopmentR hydrogen injection is compatible with all petrol and diesel engine vehicles.

A choice of treatments according to various parameters

Your garage will recommend a suitable service based on the state of the engine of your vehicle. These services will be determined according to your vehicle’s various parameters such as the amount of cylinders, mileage and driving profile.

A suitable treatment period to carbon cleaning your engine

Our trained and equipped by FlexFuel, will recommend several flat rates for engine depollution by hydrogen injection, ranging from the simple preventive to the curativetreatment with valeting.According to the treatment, yourvehicle will be out of use at yourgarage from 45 minutes to 2hours.

What is the impact on my car?

Engine depollution treatment by hydrogen injection only has advantages:

  • Unclogging your engine will allow it to recover its original performance.
  • You will find a healthier engine, emitting a lot less fine particulates and eliminates black smoke. De-scaling by hydrogen injection will be a plus to passing your MOT Check!
  • You will avoid the clogging and the replacement of expensive parts such as the EGR valve (around $600), the injection pump (around $2000) or
    the turbocharger (up to $4000
  • It will reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15%.

You will understand by now that unclogging your engine with the
de-scaling system with hydrogen injection is the perfect ally for your
vehicle’s long life!

Certified garages by FlexFuel are equipped with de-scaling stations by hydrogen injection. Entirely manufactured in France, our stations are the result of many years of Research & Development.

We offer you a sophisticated solution for engine depollution that
is efficient, non-aggressive and ecological, in order best to respond to the problems posed by carbon deposits in engines.

The efficiency of our solution: our figures speak for themselves.

Our FlexFuel solution guarantees the efficient and gentle cleaning of your vehicle.

Our FlexFuel solution is efficient and non-aggressive, as it does not introduce any chemical or corrosive products into your engine. The soot is very simply dissolved in the engine, thanks to the hydrogen injection and is expelled naturally with the exhaust gases, where it is collected in a special filter.

FlexFuel de-scaling by hydrogen injection is the zero-risk solution for unclogging your engine.

Cleaning an engine is always beneficial and necessary to ensure its longevity.Depollution of your engine with the FlexFuel Energy DevelopmentR solution is a gentle treatment, which only ever targets scale and under no circumstances damages your engine.

Carbon cleaning's time is now

Record emission failures point to carbon cleaning with hydrogen gas injection as the optimum way forward for consumers

FlexFuel’s carbon cleaning solution, Hy-Carbon, that uses hydrogen gas injection is an independently proven way to effectively reduce harmful emissions resulting from carbon build up in the DPF, valves, EGR, turbo etc. A study undertaken by UTAC CERAM, the global leader providing homologation and testing services, on a Golf VII showed:

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