Flex Fuel is a France manufacturer of proprietary since 2004 where Flex Fuel machines that are utilised for cleaning combustion engines mainly for automotive and ships. The company has expanded in the past three years in key EU markets and UK.

With increased legislation limiting carbon emissions, car manufacturers are required to fit carbon trapping devices to engines such as catalytic converters, particle filters, and EGR valves. While reducing emissions, those systems are prone to clogging and thus render its effectiveness in maintaining vehicle running efficiency.

In 2024, Flexfuel has already over 4000 distribution point in France and all through the EU market and it’s rapid growing under the new environmental law and regulations.


Patented Technology

Investing 10% of its turnover in research and development, FlexFuel Energy Development secured, a worldwide patent for its EGR Pilot®, I-Connect® Technology. This unique system enables Hy-Carbon machines to automatically drive the EGR valve of any vehicles, connect vehicle on-board computers via OBD port, drastically improving the efficiency of the engine cleaning.

What is Hy-Carbon?

Hy-Carbon technology is an innovative way of performing engine carbon cleaning to vehicles. It helps in restoring some of the lost performance and to maximise the engine performance. The system utilises a hydrogen decarbonising process that reduces engine emissions and fuel consumption resulting in increases in engine performance.

The process involves injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold, eliminating carbon deposits in key engine components including the admission valves, EGR value, turbo and particle filter. independent engine tests show that there is 50% fewer emissions post clean.

Hy-Carbon’s product range:

Clogged intake valve

Blocked EGR Valve

Clogged intake valve

Clogged intake valve

Clogged intake valve

Clogged intake valve

Why Hy-Carbon?

100% ecological engine pollution control

FlexFuel hydrogen injection descaling is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution for engine pollution control.

Engine pollution linked to carbon scale is the main cause of a large number of power losses, premature changes of parts, breakdowns and even breakages, not to mention the disastrous environmental impacts caused by the overconsumption of engines and their polluting emissions.

Thanks to our Hy-Calamine descaling station, you can find a healthy engine and avoid the need to change expensive parts. You can also benefit from a reduction in your fuel consumption and reduce your polluting emissions!

Hy-Carbon Connect: the descaling revolution!

Hy-Carbon Connect, the 100% connected descaling station. Our Research and Development teams have developed Hy-Carbon Connect for you: the 100% connected descaling station. Thanks to it, benefit from a treatment that is perfectly adapted to your vehicle and your driving style!

Why Hy-Carbon?

What Results?

FlexFuel Defense

Hy-Motors development

Flexfuel has been granted a 500K€ R&D development funding by the French Ministry of Defense to deliver in 18 month the first prototype of its hydrogen cleaning technology for military ships. The main characteristic of this very innovative project are:

Product Comparison

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