FlexFuel Carbon X3

Chemical Cleaning Station (On Vehicle)

Carbon X3 Without background

The Carbon X3 is a cleaning station for

-Fuel injectors

-Intake manifold 

-Diesel particulate filter (DPF)

Its innovation lies in in merging the three functions into one convenient, portable device and completely automatic. The Carbon X3 performs these 3 functions by using additives without the need to disassemble engine part.
Considerable time and cost savings

3-in-1 cleaning

Merge cleaning functions


Integrated control screen for all operationsw

Compact and mobile

Ergonomic and mobile design with storage spacew


Cleaning the Injection

system The Carbon X3 Cleans the injection system of deposits and combistion residues by feeding the vehicle with specific additives, This prevents galling and prevents leaks.

Cleaning the air

intake system The Carbon X3 Cleans the intake manifold by spraying (unique technology, no suction) an additive directly into the vehicle’s air intake, removing all deposits.

Cleaning the Diesel

particulate filter (DPF) The Carbon X3 Cleans the Diesel Particulate Filter with a specific additive that removes soot, ash and all other types of contaminants.

Technical characteristics:

Dimension905 x 650 x 1110 mm (closed lid)
Multilingual softwareItalian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish
Feeding12 Vdc – from the battery socket of the motor vehicle using a special power cable
Electronic board with microcontrollerInject and DPF section: Automatic procedure with detection of the minimum liquid level in both tanks by means of level sensors.
Air section: Electronic indirect detection system for the lower level of the tank. Infinitely precise electronic adjustment of the vehicle’s fuel supply pressure
Inject and air intake treatment pumpElectronically Managed Magnetic Drive Steel Gear Pump
DPF treatment pumpVectra Direct-Attach Gear Pump
Additive tank– Inject treatment tank capacity: 1 or 3 liters with minimum
level sensor– Air Intake treatment tank capacity: 1 or 3 liters
– DPF treatment tank capacity: 1 or 3 liters with minimum level sensor
Serving TubesN. 3 tubes with quick-release fittings
Monochrome alphanumeric 4 lines x 20 characters
Solenoid valvesSolenoid valves with special seals compatible with commonly used additives