Why is carbon cleaning necessary?

It’s the combustion process, inside your engine, that is responsible for producing soot deposits in cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbo.

Clogged parts prevent the engine from functioning properly. If carbon deposits (soot) are not removed regularly, faults can occur and the costs can soon mount up (expect around 350 euros per EGR valve and up to 2000 euros for a turbo…).

How can the hy-carbon station help?

Compare to traditional carbon cleaning with chemical additives,
Hy-Carbon is effective and non-aggressive as it doesn’t include any corrosive chemical products in the process.

The carbon wastes in the engine are naturally dissolved and expelled along with the exhaust fumes. A specific filter is designed for the purpose of exhaust fumes collection.

Why choose carbon cleaning with hydrogen over chemical additives?

Hydrogen carbon cleaning is the result of the development of a natural phenomenon – the enrichment of the air/fuel mixture within your combustion engine.

This process is effective and non-aggressive as it doesn’t introduce any corrosive chemical productsinto your engine.

The carbon deposits are simply dissolved in the engine and are expelled naturally with the exhaust fumes which are collected in a filter designed for this purpose.

It’s best to avoid introducing a product with unknown secondary effects into a €4000 injection system […], opt instead for professional regeneration and carbon removal.

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