Heavy-Duty Industrial Engines

Hy-Calamine 3000S is targeted to offers solution for handling clogged heavy-duty and industrial engines.

Why is descaling a must for heavy-duty engines ?

FlexFuel Energy Development has designed a descaling and cleaning station for heavy-duty and industrial engines using hydrogen injection, for up to 16-liter engines: Hy-Calamine 3000S with EGR Pilot option.

The combustion that takes place at the heart of heavy-duty engine causes soot deposits inside the cylinders, the pistons, the DPF, the EGR valve and the turbo. Who hasn’t experienced issues with their diesel exhaust system such as failure or malfunctioning which then affect the DPF causing it to crack?

Once parts are clogged they keep the engine from functioning properly. If carbon emissions (soot) are not eliminated on a regular basis, malfunctions start to occur and add up quickly; a truck full of your cargo could be stuck by the side of the road, not to mention how much parts like a clogged truck injector, a jammed turbo, etc. cost (the turbo will run you approximately 1,350 Euros, and the DPF up to 6,000 Euros).

Why opt for hydrogen descaling over the use of chemicals ?

The hydrogen descaling process is based on the improvement of a natural phenomenon, that of enriching the air/fuel mixture in your combustion engine. Our process is effective and non-aggressive as it does not use any chemical or corrosive products on your engine.

Carbon emissions in your engine are simply dissolved and naturally expelled along with the exhaust gases, and then effectively collected by a filter.

It is not a good idea to use a chemical product on a 4,000 Euro injection system if you don’t know it’s side effects […] Opt for professional descaling to get rid of buildup safely and cleanly.